SPEECH ORGAN •       Those parts of the body used in speech production. •       The primary function of the speech organs is biological. We do not have unique speech organs  (organs developed for speech only).   

Phonetics_Day 1

Course Objective •       To provide students with the understanding of phonetics (articulatory, acoustic, and auditory) •       To provide students with the science of speech production and perception. •       To provide students with phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and pronunciation practice of alphabets WHAT IS PHONETICS? •       Phonetics: a science that studies phones or […]

Speaking: Telling about Daily Activities

1.   Dialog: I don’t smoke and I don drink Jack Gray, a TV interviewer, is interviewing Herbert Bell, the strongest man in the world. (Adapted from BBC English. Audio file available) Jack Gray (JG) : Thank you. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Tonight in the studio. We’ve got the strongest man in the world.  Mr. […]

SPEAKING: Telling about yourself

(A men is filling out a form, but he is getting trouble because he doesn’t know English.  A woman is helping him). The Man      (M) : Could you help me  with this form, please. My English is not so good. The Woman (W) : Certainly, Now, What’s your name ? M: Riyadi W:  Is that […]


A.    INTRODUCTION The words “referent” comes from the verb “to refer” which means mengacu, menunjuk. Writers usually do not like to repeat the same words or phrases every time they use them. Instead of repeating the same words or phrases several times after they have been used, writers usually refer to them rather than repeat […]


A. READING What is main idea? Main idea is the most important point the writer wants us to understand about the topic of a paragraph. Usually the main idea of a paragraph is on the topic sentence. A main idea functions like a human ‘heart’. The heart supplies the oxygen to the human system.  Similarly, […]