Abstract for Teflin 2011

FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE AND GENDER EQUALITY IN ENGLISH SCHOOL BOOKS A Study of English Books for Senior High Schools Distributed in Central Java By Hartono (A Lecturer at English Education Department of Sultan Agung Islamic University) Fight against corruption, religious tolerance, and gender equality are among the important issues that need to be […]

Form for speaking practice

SPEAKING PRACTICE FILL OUT THE BLANKS AND DEVELOP THEM INTO A VERY INTERESTING DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOU Hello, my name’s ___________   Originally I came from _____________   but then I moved to Semarang because ___________________     I am  ___________________  years old and  my birthday is on _______________


Glides When the tongue body is pushed up and forward for the high front vowel [i], it ends up underneath the hard palate. If we were to try to classify [i] as if it were a consonant, we would have to call it a voiced palatal approximant: the vocal tract is made narrower by the […]


There are three dimensions when we talk about vowels.  They are height and frontness, tense and lax, and rounding  (the shape of the mouth). 1 Height and Frontness / backness. From the explanation above then we can put vowels into the dimensions of HEIGHT (close and open), the vertical dimension, and FRONTNESS which refers to which […]


PRACTICE: 1)       Make a vowel like the [i:] in the English word ‘see’ and look at the mirror.  You will be able to see that the tongue is held up close to the roof of the mouth.  Now make an  [æ] vowel as in the word ‘cat’ and notice how the distance between the surface […]


CONSONANTS 1.       Articulatory:  The airflow may be  stopped, impeded, or diverted (trough the nasal tract).  The vocal folds may or may not vibrate during articulation. 2.       Acoustically:  consonants are less sonorous tan vowels, that is, vowels are perceived as louder and lounger sounds. 3.       Functionally: generally consonants do not function as the nucleus of a […]