Assignment 3

Some solutions to reduce Traffic Jam in our city

By Fitri Wijayanti

College of Languages and Communication Science of Islamic University of Sultan Agung (UNISSULA)

Thousands litters of gasoline are wasted every day. This is caused by severe traffic jam which is getting more common in our city today. Every morning from 7 to 9 and 4 to 6 in the afternoon our roads are filled with packs of cars and motorcycles. Consequently, the traffic is hard terrible. It takes hours just to move for one to two kilometers. Traffic jam is not only a matter of time, how many hours people spend to get to their work place or home, but also a matter of unnecessary consumption of our unrenewable natural resource, the oil. This essay will explain some solutions to reduce traffic jam in our city.


The first way to solve the problem of traffic jam is supplying means of the suitable public transportation. When the week days are certainly the avenue will be full of vehicle like public transportation, personal transportation and etcetera. Because usually in the morning they have to go to our place purpose each like school, office, market and so on. In the afternoon we all come back to our home that certainly we will back to use the avenue it again because of it, we will feel very tier after doing many activity its before, so when we use personal transportation at the moment tired the risk of the safety it will threatened because of course we will not concentrate in driver our vehicle but unfortunately many people are reluctant choose the public transportation with reason unsuitable, so they are more choose using their vehicle. Because the thing it, the traffic jam cannot be avoided even the accident also will happeno.  The suitable of public is very important that user of the avenue move from their vehicle to the public transportation. Because when we move to public transportation, so the using of personal transportation will reduce and the traffic jam or even the accident will get avoided.


Second way to solve the problem of traffic jam is employing of lines in one-way. The employing of lines in one-way is also very helped in reduce the traffic jam in our city because when the owner of personal transportation choose moved to the public transportation, so it does not close possible add fleet of public transportation it will be done with our government because of it, the lines of one-way will be very helping reduce the traffic jam and if the fleet of transportation is really added to public service, so when the public transportations is passing the road they will be more orderly and the traffic jam will get avoided and the users of road will keep using the public transportation without they have to be worry with the presence of the traffic jam again.


Another way to solve the problem of traffic jam is restriction ownership the personal transportation. The restriction is done because if every family has 3 until 4 personal transportation and they are using their entire vehicle in the avenue, so the traffic jam will be more serious although already its enforced lines of one-way. We know moved from personal transportation to public transportation certainly it will have some problems because the owner of personal transportation can give reason “our vehicle will not use if we have to move to be using public transportation” because the reason it, so they will keep using their personal transportation and the rule about using the public transportation or employing the lines one-way it will not effective, so the restriction ownership of the personal transportation has to be as soon as enforced that the users cannot use the reason it as refusal using the public transportation, so the public transportation will be demanded by user of roar and the traffic jam will not happen again.


The traffic jams right now very offend the users of roar because of it causing many losses like financial, time and etcetera, so the moved the personal transportation to public transportation very needed to reduce a number of vehicles that operates on the roar, in addition, the implementation of the lines of one-way very participate in reduce the traffic jam and with enforced the things that, so the user of roar will be more orderly in using the roar and the restriction ownership of the personal transportation will be supporter two rules its before and be complete from entire, because those all of the rules are mutual related to get overcome the traffic jam in our country, so all of owner the personal transportation will move to public transportation and the terrific jam can be overcome. In addition, we will not lose much money and the times again just because thing it. Those are some solutions that can be done to reduce the traffic jam on the roar in our city. I hope this essay can help us to solve the problem of traffic jam in our city.



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