Assignment 3


By Siti Nur Azizah Dwi Haryanti

College of Language and Communication Science of UNISSULA Semarang

Year 3 students of English program can’t speak English well. It seems to be ridiculous but it really happens in many of English programs. It is not because the language is difficult for them to learn, rather, they do not willingly practice and use the language in their daily life either at campus or at home. This condition happens continuously, it will ruin the future not only the students themselves but also the institutions which run the programs. Since the quality of the program will very much be represented by the graduate. English program, therefore, are encouraged to set rules to make students of English program practice speaking English with the rule of ‘No English No speak’. Students are not allowed to speak anything unless in English.

‘No English No Speak’ must be a mandate for students of English program. Basically, students need an urge to concern about something to do with it, and the best urge to boost them to improve their English speaking ability is having ‘No English No Speak’ as a requirement to get a grade of B in minimum. When lecturers assert the rule, students must concern about it much and might not abandon it easily. For those who might speak another English can be punished by fining them. This way can be effective, because student may think twice when they don’t speak English upon the punishment given moreover it is related to money.

Lecturers can have another policy of expelling those who don’t speak English out of class. This can be meant to be absence, and one absence means students lose their point on their attendance grade. Furthermore, when the absence reach more than three times, it means the students are not allowed to have a final test, and consequently they will have no grade of some subjects. This policy can be put as the highest consideration amongst students. This rule has been applied by Basic English Center (BEC), one of courses in Pare, on month 3 students. Consequently, the students must be able to speak English well when they have passed the course programs.

To make it go more effective, there should be someone in charge of student’s activity, specifically, of speaking English. What to do is monitoring students’ activity to make sure that they have a good deed concerning ‘No English, No Speak’ rule. In addition, this rule can’t be well-done without having lecturers to contribute in it. Lecturers have to balance this rule by having spoken English either in classes or in another occasion. Collaboration must be lifted to reach the goal of speaking ability of year 3 students.

Not being able to speak English becomes a serious problem towards year 3 students of English program. It seems they have studied for nothing for last three years. In fact, it not only worsens the students’ future but also the institute can have a bad view. In this case, lecturers should provide the best solution to overcome it. One of the best ways is asserting ‘No English No Speak’ rule towards the students. And for those who don’t obey it will have the consequences from losing points ‘till not being allowed to join a final test. At last but not least is lecturers have to make sure their students doing it properly by monitoring them and be collaborative.



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