Assignment 3

No English No Speak

by Kartika Celi

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Year 3 students of English program can’t speak English well. It seems to be ridiculous but it really happens in many of English programs. I believe that it is not because the language is too difficult for them to learn, rather, they do not willingly practice and use the language in their daily life either at campus or at home. it this condition happens continuously, it will ruin the future not only the students themselves but also the institutions which runs the programs. Since the quality of the program will very much be represented by the graduate. English programs, therefore, are encouraged to set rules to make students of English program practice speaking English with the rule of ‘No English  No Speak’. Students are not allowed  to speak anything unless in English.

First, minus points. We can use this method if students do not use English in speaking in class. If anyone violates the rules ‘No Speak No English’ students will get a minus point would affect their value. So students will follow these rules, because students will fear that at the end of term value will be ugly. So this will make students more often use English. In addition students will also be familiar with the English language properly and correctly.

Second, use of English in daily activities in a school environment. For example when we were chatting with friends, we can use the English language in the chat. Usually students would not be embarrassed if talking to his/her friend own in comparison with teachers. Furthermore, usually talking with friends definitely have a lot of interesting topics so that students will be more enthusiastic in using the English language. It also will make the students familiar with the English language, so this will make them fluent English conversation.

Last, create study groups. Usually the students can easily learn together in compare their own learning. This would be beneficial to be able to develop their English language skills. Students will be more productive and have more opportunities to speak English. Other than that use an interesting topic, because there are no students who want to learn if the topic is not interesting. So the rules ‘No English No Speak’ indirectly can be applied properly and will be familiar with itself.

In conclusion, there are some way to be able to apply the rules ‘No Speak No English’. The first is the minus points. The second is use of English in daily activites in a school environment. The last is create study groups. By means of this, hope the students can improve their spoken English.



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