Assignment 3

How To Solve Traffic Jam

By Puan Yunia Permata Sari

College of Languages and Communication Science Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)


Thousands litters of gasoline are wasted every day. This is caused by severe traffic jam which is getting more common in our city today. Every morning from 7 to 9 and 4 to 6 in the afternoon  our roads are filled with packs of cars and motorcycles. Consequently, the traffic is hard  terrible. It takes hours just to move for one to two kilometers. Traffic jams is not  only a matter of time, how many hours people spend to get to their work place or home, but also a matter of unnecessary consumption of our unrenewable natural resources, the oil. Since one of the big contributors to the traffic in the city nowadays is students, therefore, it is proposed that the government sets the regulation that schools start at 6 in the  morning, and finished at 3 in the afternoon. In this way the departing time  and  the going home time of them doesn’t coincide with the ones of office and factory workers. The other ways to solve the traffic jam are, first buses and other public transportation services should be improved. Second, encourage more people to use bicycles. The third, make sidewalk or pedestrian.

Nowadays, there are too many private vehicles like car and motorcycles in the street. Every family have a personal vehicle. In fact, it is made the street become crowded and made traffic jam. To subtract this problem the government must improved public transportation service, such us bus, train, and etc. One of them is make public transportation more comfortable and safe. In fact, many public transportation was dirty and many people who smoke inside public transportation like in the buses and train. It is made other people feel uncomfortable about it, as we know that the passengers not only adult but there is children inside the bus or the train. The government also must make public transportation safe, because there are many accident happened in public transportation, such as robbery, sexual insulting, rape, and many more. if government fixing public transportation, people will choose to using public transportation and won’t to using their private vehicles. It can be subtract volume of vehicles in the street.

The second way to solve the traffic jam by encourage more people to using bicycles. The main reason that traffic jam consist because too much vehicles in the street. People must changes to use bicycles as transportation to go to somewhere than use vehicles. Besides subtract traffic jam, we can get another profits when we use bicycles as transportation. First we can save money to buy gas for our vehicles and the second we can be healthy because we can manufacture sweat, it means that by using bicycles we have healthy lifestyle.

The last but not least, make sidewalk or pedestrian. The government must hold socialization for push people walking with short mobility, less than one kilometer. Make sidewalk safe, comfortable, and shady with trees. The sidewalk is the place for pedestrians not the place for trade, throw the trash or parking area. If there is a comfortable place to walk it is possible that people will prefer to walking than use vehicles like the society in Japan. Seems like the second way, besides subtract traffic jam, we also have healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, traffic jam is a classic problem but also a big problem that happen in a large city. The government must pay attention with this problem. They must be serious to fix traffic jam. However not only the government, the society also have important part. If the government already implement their duty but the society do not do the same it will be the same, the traffic jam can not decrease. We can solve traffic jam by many ways such us by improved public transportation service, encourage more people to use bicycles, and make sidewalk or pedestrian.



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