Assignment 3

Some Ways To Solve Traffic Jam
By Anisa Fitrianti Puspitarini
College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Thousand litters of gasoline are wasted every day. This is caused by severe traffic jam which is getting more common in our city today. Every morning from 7 to 9 and 4 to 6 in the afternoon our roads are filled with packs of cars and motorcycles. Consequently, the traffic is hard terrible. It takes hours just to move for one to two kilometers. Traffic jams is not only a matter of time, how many hours people spend to get to their work place or home, but also a matter of unnecessary consumption of our unrenewable natural resource, the oil. Since one of the big contributors to the traffic in the city nowadays is students, therefore, it is proposed that the government sets the regulation that schools start at 6 in the morning, and finished at 3 in the afternoon. In this way the departing time and the going home time of them doesn’t coincide with the ones of office and factory worker. Here are some ways to solve traffic jam.

The First, one-way street. The use of a one-way on the highway is needed to overcome the problem of traffic jam is very severe. Because one-way street will allows the vehicle to run more cleanly, secure, safe, orderly and fluent. The use of a one-way also can provide a positive feel as good in view and the vehicle is not chaotic. The use of a one-way can also reduce the constraints due to activities of passenger transportation up and down the city. And also can reduce the movement of vehicles that cut the flow of traffic. So this may be one way to improve the fluent flow of traffic, reduce or eliminate barriers to cause traffic jam.

The Second, Development of public transport and sustainable transport system. Indonesia is constrained by several factors of poverty. As a result of this poverty is chaos transportation system caused by increasing population and the increasing number of private vehicles which are not in accordance with the capacity of existing roads, causing traffic jams. The main cause of number of private vehicles is the lack of public transportation infrastructure. Thus the development of public transport and sustainable transport system is done to attract the users of the highway in order to switch from private vehicles to public transport, so as to reduce the level of traffic jam. In this case, a sustainable transportation thinking about how transportation can run well without sacrificing the environmental aspects but still increase the economic income. particularly land transport where the mobility rate is much higher than sea or air transport.

The last, repairing damaged roads. In cities in Indonesia are often encountered roads damaged, as a result of vehicles that exceed the charge and shoddy construction. It is one of the causes of traffic jam. By repairing the damaged roads and road conditions become better then the vehicle speed can be fluently without any traffic jams. Access fluent roads are very important role in the safety and comfort of driving.

So, it can be concluded that traffic jams caused by many things. But it can overcome with many things also. There are some ways to solve traffic jam, like one-way street, Development of public transport and sustainable transport system, and repairing damaged roads. I think it is very influential to solve traffic jam in Indonesia.



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