Going to School at 6
By Monny setyaningrum

College of Languages and Comunication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University ( UNISSULA )

Thousand litters of gasoline are wasted every day. This is caused by severe traffic jam which is getting more common in our city today. Every morning from 7 to 9 and 4 to 6 in the afternoon our roads are filled with packs ofcars and motorcycles. Consequently, the traffic is hard terrible. It takes hours just to move for one to two kilometers. Traffic jam is not only matter of time, how many hours people spend to get to their work place or home, but also a matter of unnecessary consumption of our unrenewable natural resource, the oil. Since one of the big contributors to the traffic in the city nowaday is students, therefore, it is proposed that the government sets the regulation that schools start at 6 in the morning, and finishes at 3 in the afternoon. In this way the departing time and the going home time of them doesn’t coincide with the ones of office and factory workers.

Although there is now a provision that the school entry starting at 6 am and end at 3 pm this may be somewhat alleviate the problem we often face, namely congestion, but many people who oppose that provision was changed because it is very bad for children. The parents would be worried about her condition if policy enactment school hours early, as it will make the child sleep time reduced. And if lack of sleep will have a negative impact on health. But this policy is still in foxes, many teens are exhausted in school because they woke up too early. Most parents would indeed send their children to bed early so hours of sleep a child is not diminished. But for a child who was a teenager it was not always easy to set the hours of sleep. And the children out of school activities will also make a child breaks so the wane.

Many studies have shown that children who sleep less may make the condition of children in school so bad, as the concentration in the learning process in the classroom is not stable, and it affects the health condition, even things that are not in want will happen. With the clock college policy into reverse at least it was largely one way to help children who lack sleep. And homework can be done early and you should not do at the time near the bedtime so the quality hours of sleep for the better. Because the quality hours of sleep affects children’s intelligence. And every parent would want their children smart and clever in all respects. However, if parental supervision are less stable or how to educate the less will affect the child’s brain development and intelligence of children.


The problems will often occur in setting school hours, which if in thinking is also less efficient when leaving school lunch because the lunch breaks and in the learning process is not the spirit, sleepy and tired. As more and more daytime sleepiness. End becomes a concentration in the learning process. Perhaps no one feels happy only if during the school hours, because it can wake up late and relaxing. However, this method may be less effective to do and children can go to relax when it’s time to sleep. Maybe have a habit of Indonesia is certainly in the capital area always wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning to get ready for work and school as if it was day congestion will occur. Because school hours that very morning will make the child in a hurry and be lazy for breakfast for fear of being late, and by the time the class was hungry and would disrupt the learning process. It would be better if school hours is not too early and not during it might be an effective way. That way the child will not be lack of sleep and would not hurry hurry when going to school. Perhaps the government could set a good policy to clock in school children for now. Because if it is already in the set as well would be good also for children.

So, when the elementary school or junior high Tk, the role of parents is very important to determine the time sleeping. But with age bedtime will shift due to environmental factors or increasing children’s school work or activities. Adequate sleep is critical to brain development of children in learning. If lack of sleep that happens is the child becomes distracted and drowsy in school. Academic attainment will be problematic. And the children were quite time his concentration well in comparison with children who get less sleep. Therefore school hours too early will result in lack of sleep and affect children in the learning process.



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