Assignment 3

Great Solutions to Improve The Ability of Speak English

by Amalia Normaningtyas

College of Language and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Year 3 students of English program cannot speak English well. It seems to be ridiculous but it really happens in many of English programs. I believe that it is not because the language is too difficult for them to learn, rather, they do not willingly practice and use the language in their daily life either at campus or at home. It this condition happens continuously, it will ruin the future not only the students themselves but also the institutions which run the programs. Since the quality of the program will very much be represented by the graduate. English programs, therefore, are encouraged to set rules to make students of English program practice speaking English with the rule ‘No English No Speak’. Students are not allowed to speak anything unless in English. To solve the problems, I have three solutions for it.

First, we know that English is indispensable in today’s era, for example by way of memorizing vocabulary and learn little by little to be able to speak English fluently. Thus, indirectly we can grasp and understand what is spoken mainly use English. Because if we do not know the meaning of words that we say it will not be. Practicing by rote vocab if done repeatedly then we will be able to speak fluently. So we do it is not instantaneous but gradually.

Second, by way of diligent western movie plays. In the film there is definitely writing the English language, we learn to interpret the writing of the English language independently, we must strive to do so. If we’ve really cannot do or interpret it, and could open the user dictionary or online dictionary to help in the mean. In this way we will be familiar and know that his spoken vocabulary of the actor in the film. So, we can practice speaking English by rotating the western movie and can understand what the actors say.

Last, another way is to follow the event in the event there are foreigners from various countries. We can practice as much with the foreigners. There are many events that we can follow the example of socialization exchange student or others who certainly many institutions or communities that hold the event. On the other hand, speaking in English instantly with strangers then we can train and improve the ability to use English we speak in more depth. So we can be more flexible in practice to speak English, especially with strangers directly. And most importantly, do not be ashamed to speak and not be afraid of making mistakes, if we practice constantly then be proficient by itself.

It can be concluded that in order to improve the ability to speak English fluently are some solutions or ways, the first is to memorize or learn vocabulary, so we can know the vocabulary anything and we also know what we are going to speak the language English. The second is to frequently view or play a western movie, in the movie it must be written English is spoken by actors, we can learn from what the actors say that, if you do not know that means we can open the dictionary or an online dictionary to help interpret. And the last is a way to follow the events in which the event there are foreigners, with the foreigners we can freely practice speaking English directly by foreigners which must come from different countries. The most important thing that we can speak English fluently is no shame and no fear of being wrong to talk, say anything, and of course use English.



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