Assignment 3

School Work Service for Bullies

By Nofia Ulfa (literature 30801500219)

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung University

One of three school children is bullied at schools every day. This may include verbal, emotional even physical. These acts of bullying have made many school children who are victimized are afraid of going to schools. In addition, if these kinds of bullying go on over and over, the bullied will experience negative physical, mental, as well as school problems as depression, anxiety, sadness or the decreased academic achievement. It is, therefore, very urgent that we prevent bullying at schools by some effective enough ways, they are every schools have to give a socialization on the first day of school, give counseling to bullying victim, and give an explicit punishment to the student who do bullying.

For the first thing have to to by schools is they have to give socialization about bullying to all of students on the first day of school also invites their parents in order that hopefully parents of the students will control their children’s attitudes when they are in schools. The socialization can be organized with invites a psychologist and ask them to convey some important informations about bullying to all of students’s parents. So, they will know what real bad impacts of bullying it self, especially if the bullying treatment influences the student’s mental. It can be dangerous if it become a habit among all of students in schools. Even, everyone can be suffer a distress sickness if no one that aware what thing they suffer.

Not only that, every counseling teacher also have to give counseling education to all of their students in all of classes of the schools. If there is perhaps discovered a student who has bullied, of course it is important to do intens counseling for the bullying victim soon. The victim’s teacher have to ho needs more attentions for them because usually, almost all of bullying victims will be a solitary. They feels afraid to try closer to their friends, they prefer to be aloof because they are worries if in case their another friends will bully them too. Thus, that is why a counseling teacher needs to closer toward the victim, in order that they will not feel alone and thinks that no one that want to accompany them.

The last one is give an explicit punishment to the student who do bullying to their friends, that is suspend for at least a month. Every student that have bullied their friends even if the bad deed makes the victim’s mental disturbed, give suspend to punish the bullying agent can be the most proper punishment for them. With the explicit punishment, the bullying agent will be lost their important times to study and when they meets examination, they can not do everything because they have lost their important days as a result for their horrible behaviour to their friend. So that, of course it will influence to their lessons scores.

In the conclusion, there are some ways to prevent bullying that happened in schools environment, they are socialization, give counseling education and give an explicit punishment for the bullying agents. All of them hopefully can be the most effective ways to stop bullying treatment so that every student be aware that bullying is not a good behaviour, because it can makes the victims distress even many bullying victims that kill theirselves by themselves. From the three examples above also hopefully it can make all of people will knows that bullying is not proper treated to other people until it can makes the certain peoples become inferior among their environment. Because the bad attitudes can be influences or disturbes the people’s mentals.




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