Assignment 3

School work service for bullies
Nur Aisyah Jamil
College of languages and Communication of Science

The solutions for this case are give the bulliers punishments. First solution for the bulliers is give them many additional lessons. This punishments like give them additional lessons as they need for school, or academic subjects they liked or based on teacher want to give for them. This way can do for several weeks for them, if the bulliers have reduction this punishment can be stop, but if the bulliers still bullying, they are going to take another punishment.
Second solution after additional lessons is give them many assignments. This way can do if the bulliers still bullying, they have not realize with they bad attitude. The teachers in the school especially for guidance and counseling teacher will give them more punishment for bulliers. This manner can do for several weeks, while teachers still pay attention for bulliers. Are the bulliers still bullying or not because of the punishments.
If the punishments are did not work and the bulliers still bullying, we can give them more punishment again like public service in school or their life environment. This punishment is very good to improve bulliers’psychological and show them with people around. This way can be like community service in around their life environment or school area. The teachers can cooperate with bulliers’ parents for give pay attention the bulliers if they really did. Or the teacher can ask them to give the proof like the picture of their public service.
From many punishments above wished the bulliers will be wary on bullying and do not do bad attitude anymore. The punishment can improve themselves and their academic achievement, because they always study and socializing. The punishments like give them many additional lessons, many assignments, and public service and are very good for their live environment and achievement.



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