Assignment 3

Going to School or Office at 6? Why Not?

by Fany Claudarista

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Traffic jam, it has become a common problem in large cities that difficult to resolve. Government efforts to reduce traffic jam was considered insufficient. Thousands of people every day must face health problems arising from traffic jam. One attempt to avoid traffic jam is starting any activity early. School children and office workers, for example, can start their activity earlier at 6 o’clock. Usually, in 6 o’clock, the streets can still be tolerated from traffic jam. To support the activities in the morning in order to avoid traffic jam, so the author would like to describe three solutions that morning activities can run smoothly.

Initially, traffic jam can be overcome by the availability of public transportation that suitable and good. This, is doing to attract private vehicle in order to switch by using public transportation. Public transportation also must be widely spread, as provided bus stop near the schools or offices. This allows the users of public transportation could be heading to stop wasting time by walking. Comfort and safety of users of public transportation also should be prioritized, this is to avoid the negative things when being in public transportation, such as pickpocket and sexual crimes.

The government must also take a big hand in overcoming traffic jam. With emphasis on a one-way street is a major step to reduce congestion. The use of a one-way street on the highway is necessary, because if the road is used a one-way street, it allows the vehicle to run more cleanly. In addition to reducing traffic jam, a one-way street can also beautify the city in order to look tidy and not chaotic, so that road users are not stressed while on the go.

For office workers or college students, how to cope with traffic jam is choose a boarding house or rented house close to the workplace or campus. To know far or nearby where you live with your office or campus, you can measure the distance first. If the distance is less than an hour, you can select it. However, if the distance up to an hour, you should reconsider. This can cause you to take a long trip, or oversleep when going to the office or campus. Therefore, by choosing a place to stay close, allowing you to more quickly come to the office or campus.

Traffic jam had always been difficult to overcome. Not only the government that is to blame, but also people who do not comply with regulations. The victim are office workers and Students who must be willing to experience traffic jam on the trip. To overcome this, public transportation must be declared with the best and comfortable place as possible. The government must also take concrete steps, such as making a one-way street to create tidy city and break traffic jam. Meanwhile, for office workers or college students, choose a place to stay that near with an office or campus to avoid traffic jam. For the success of the streets that free of traffic jams, the role of government and society must be developed, so in the future traffic jam on the highway can be completed and there is no longer the diseases caused by pollution from traffic jam.



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