Assignment 3


By Ikha Bagus Sembada

College of Languages and Communication Science


Bullying in school is a growing concern all around the world. Bullying could be defined as to despise,harm or annoy one. There isn’t just one type of bullying—there are verbal, social and physical forms of the aggressive behavior known as bullying. This behavior is often repeated and habitual. It is a serious matter and causes several problems not only for victims,but also for bullies. There are some significant potential solutions to overcame bullying.

First of all, stop bullying through campaigns and seminars regarding bullying. School absolutely under control and they can set up some kinds of seminar or programs to educate students about the negative effects of bullying. Fill up the material about the definition for bullying, and it’s effects for students and bullies. In this moment, try to introduce any kinds of bullying at school and try to give some suggestion for bullies that his/her actions isn’t good.

The second solution for bully victims are stay calm and tell the bullies to stop. Look at the person who is bullying you calm, clear voice tell him or her to stop, that his or her actions are inappropriate, or that he or she is being disrespectful. If you’re good at joking with others and don’t feel threatened, you could also try to laugh off the comments or jokingly say something back. A humorous response can disarm the bully by throwing him or her off guard.

The third solution for  bully victims Talk to someone you trust. You can ask your parents, teacher, or even your best friend and explain to them what happen to you. Talking to someone else can help you feel less afraid and alone and it can help you determine what you need to do next to prevent any further bullying. If you feel threatened or unsafe it’s best to talk to someone who has authority over the bully and can intervene on your behalf, such as a teacher, or your best friend.

Based on statements above, we can stop bullying in many ways. First of all, by through campaigns regarding bullying. Next one, stay calm and face the bullies and tell them to stop bullying you. The last one, talk to someone you trust. By implementing these solutions it can lessen the cases of bullying and pave the way for eradication.



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