Assignment 3

Traffic Jam is Not Only a Matter of Time

By: Riesma Devi Ofianti

College of Language and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Thousand litters of gasoline are wasted every day. This is caused by severe traffic jam which is getting more common in our city today. Every morning from 7 to 9 and 4 to 6 in the afternoon our roads are filled with packs of cars and motorcycles. Consequently, the traffic is hard terrible. It takes hours just to move for one to two kilometers. Traffic jams is not only a matter of time, how many hours people spend to get to their work place or home, but also a matter of unnecessary consumption of our unrenewable natural resource, the oil. Since one of the big contributors to the traffic in the city nowadays is students, therefore, it is proposed that the government sets the regulation that schools start at 6 in the morning, and finished at 3 in the afternoon. In this way the departing time and the going home time of them doesn’t coincide with the ones of office and factory worker. There are many ways to solve traffic jams.

The first way to solve, among of them are the policy decision made by government. But actually this policy often be ignoring by the public. Which is every effort is actually done to reduce the volume of vehicles on the highways causes the number of vehicles actually increasing way per days not diminishing create traffic congestion problems more difficult to overcome. We are must obey the rules in order to reduce existing of traffic jam.

The second solution is restrictions on private vehicles ownership. This has became necessary because the causes of traffic is many private vehicles were piled up on the streets. This is due the ease with which people obtain private vehicles. If the private ownership of  vehicles. can be done, then this will be to reduce the number of transport traffic jams on the highways. Moreover, there are many families whose every single member has their own single car or motorcycle. It would be better if we reduce using private vehicles and proceed using public transportation, it will lessen number of private vehicles.

Another solution is multiply the vehicles fleet adequate mass. For example, as the existing busway in Jakarta or perhaps it was the subway. This is necessary so that road users would use public transportation. And also increased the capacity of the road, like widen the road, add a traffic lane if possible, reduce conflict at intersection with current limiting turn right.

Personally, I understand the frustration of people with the bad traffic jam. Yet, because the grant emergency powers is an unusual and one fraught with grave dangerous for abuse, it can make feel tired on the street and making time consuming.  I do not think it is so something to be taken lightly. As a good citizen we should be obey the rules.



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