Assigment 3

School Work Service for Bullies
By Nur Masithoh

College of Language and Communication Science

One of three children is bullied at schools every day. This may include verbal, emotional even physical. These acts of bullying have made many school children who are victimized are afraid of going to school. In addition, if these kids of bullying go on over and over, the bullied will experience negative physical, mental, as well as school problems as depression, anxiety, sadness or the decreased academic achievement. It is, therefore, very urgent that we prevent bullying at school by, among other ways, punishing the bullies with suspension, fine, and social isolation.
First of all, we can punish the bulliers with suspension. This act will get the bulliers will be cured. Hope that their habit for bullying others are decreased with this kind of punishment. In this way, we will get their attention, and then we can counsel them about their habit that what they did is really wrong. School and parents work together by this punishment persuade the bulliers day by day and so on. Finally the bulliers automatically can get understand that what they did before is a big wrong.
The second is fine. Money is like an important thing in human activities. People work so hard to get some money. They do not want to spend their money for the nothing things. Besides they have a lot of premier needing in their life. So, we can say that ask the bulliers’ parents some fine will decrease the bullying. After that, the parents will work so hard to communicate with their children directly about bullying. Amazingly, we hope that the children of the bulliers will stop bullying and be the good student.
The last that we can do for the bulliers, make them feel they are wrong, different, a bad one in social life in school. This act will give the bulliers a mental disturbing by isolation. They will think deeply if they want to bully others again because they feel uncomfortable when they are isolated. They will afraid to be alone and have no friend. Fortunatelly, they will understand by the others reaction that what they did is wrong.
In conclusion, we can stop bullying by many other ways such as by suspension, fine, and isolation. They have so much of benefits to punish the bulliers around the school. And why we can make them such a rule in the school life. Indeed, we also really need some effective rules to stop any kind of bullying in the school. Thus, we should use some of them or all of them to abolish the bullying and its all negative effects.



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