Assignment 3

School Work Service for Bullies

by Nurul Lailatu Suci

College of Language and Communication Science

One of three school children is bullied at school every day. This may include verbal, emotional even physical. These acts of bullying have made many school children who are victimized are afraid of going to schools. In addition, if these kinds of bullying go on over and over, the bullied will experience negative physical, mental, as well as school problems as depression, anxiety, sadness or the decreased academic achievement. It is, therefore, very urgent that we prevent bullying as schools by, among other ways, social education, educate student on certain some issues and character education with school work services.

Social education is very important for children, because of the social environment the children can adapt with social environment. Social education on tolerance, mutual respect for differences is very important in social education. It is intended the children can easily accepted and to intercommunicate in a social environment, with good and avoid children from act bullying.

Educate students on certain some issues that related with bullying. It aims to emphasize that bullying is not good action. And by understanding the state of the issues that occur around children to expected to be more critical and response that bullying as an not good action, so the children avoid bullying and build environment properly.

Character education, Williams & Schnaps (1999) define character education as

“Any deliberate approach by which school personnel, often in conjunction with parents and community members, help children and youth become caring, principled and responsible”.

Character education aimed at creating a good personality and moral. As an aspect of personality, character is reflection of the whole personality of a person. The role of parents and even teacher at school is very big in it to create a god personality. If the organized character education in school, so school counselors will be a pioneer and coordinator of the program. Therefore helping to ensure the success of the program Stop bullying.

In the end, the problem of bullying that occur in the school can be dealt with social approach, responding to the issues that occurred and set up a good character. Thus the student can avoid bullying and no ore cases of bullying again in school.








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