Assignment 2

The Advantages of Studying English Online

By Luthfi Hakim Bintang Pratama

College of Language and Communication Science

English is language that used by a lot of people in the world. If you want to talk with foreigner, you must used English, because English is an International language. Now, studying English is not difficult. There are so many methods to studying English easier. In the modern era, technology is very important thing for human. We can access a lot of information, knowledge, social media, news, and etc. Internet is also can help us to find much information about studying English. The example is online dictionary, from this application we can translate many kind of language also English. From online application there are many advantages that make us studying English more easier, fun, and simple.

The first is, studying English online provides an interesting and interactive method of learning. Thereare many websites that can assist in learning English. They also help the learner to know how to pronounce the words correctly because they learn from native speaker. When we learning English online with the use of an instructor or tutor ensures us is constantly motivated even when they experience difficulty in learning languages. There are so many websites that provides as an interseting way to learning English, we just need to search and click the button that are shown on the computer screen. So simple right? Learning by this method also more easier and cheap. Because all we need just a good internet access.

The second benefit is, studying English online provides you to learning at your own pace. Some people think that studying online more advantageous than traditional methodes such as learning in a classroom. Learners are provided with the opportunity to learn in a manner that takes into consideration their individual needs. Some people maybe learn faster than others and are more suited to the lecture environment. We can choose when we want to study, at home or at work. It will also reduce our money than to go to school. We just need to faced in front of monitor screen and use Skype or Google Hangouts.

The last is when we studying English online, exactly we will have ability to learn the English language. In this modern era, English has become an international language and very important, especially in the business world and the employment sector. When we learning English online we stand a better chance of having the opportunity learn English conveniently. It is therefore absolutely essential to learn the English language as non native English speaker

In conclusion, actually there are many advantages that we get from studying English online, beside English as an important language that today we must have to learn it. Internet has provide many kinds of learning method, we can learn by online studying with the best mentor who expert in English, so learning English can be more easier, quick, simple and exactly cheap because all we need just a good internet connection. But it doesn’t mean that traditional course such as in the classroom are not important, and we shouldn’t to forget that just because we have an internet.




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