Assignment 2

Benefits of Studying English Online

By Thalitha Nataysa Fitri

College of Language and Communication Science

English is the most widely used language in the world, it is spoken by around more than four hundred million people. English also known as the top first language. No wonder that today a lot of people in the world who is not use English in their daily conversation are try to learn this language. English also become the one of prerequirement to apply for a job. We can’t talk Language without talk about technology. Language and technology are two things that can’t separated. Internet is one of the example, proof that technology are really in around us. In this globalization era, technology are growth quickly. We can used internet to access many things, learn English online maybe the right choice for you. More quick, simple, easy and also many other benefits from studying English with this method.

The first advantages that we get from studying English online is because when we study English online, we are giving ourselves a better chance of learning quickly and easily. We as students can have the chance to study in our own time and especially for free. Online learning is so effective because students can finish their homework quickly and more simple. We just need to choose the best mentor or trainer of English in the internet, and we can select the time when we want to study. With basically internet connection, a person can attend different courses. English courses are available and spesifically tailored for people of varying levels of English proficiency and for those who want to study English in different purpose. Some people may want to undertake a very general English, whereas others may wish to study English course, business or for academic purposes.

The second is we can save time because we don’t have to travel to a school, we don’t have to pay for materials such as course book or CDs. We just choose where we want to have class, at home or at work. In our spare time for example. All we need just a good internet connection and a Skype or Google Hangouts and many others. We also can save our money because we don’t have to pay for transport, and exactly it will also save our energy. The internet is a fantastic resource and your teacher can find materials such as video, images, audio, example, definition and etc just by clicking a button that shown on their computer screen.

The third benefits is by using internet to studying English online, we can record the lesson as an audio file and we can listen again and again. We also can choose what materials of study that we need because your teacher is focused on what we need and what we want. Online study is also more comfortable, there are no physical class sessions. Lecturer and other materials are electronically sent to the student, who will then read them and complete assignment. Course material is always accessible online, so there’s no need to scedule special trips to a library either.

In conclusion, online learning should be seen as a complement of claasical forms of learning. People who want to study online areableto manage their time,learn the materials that are presented. We are free to choose between traditional study or online study. With many advantages of online study so we can studying English more easier, quick,cheap and simple. But the important thing is traditional classes shouldn’t be replaced with online learning.



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