Some Factors Related To Studying English Online

By Rafida Nur Azizah

College of Language and Communication Science

Language is seen as a personality reflection of someone because language is translated as a sensation, mind and behavior reflection. And no one hesitate that English is most important language in the world, followed by Mandarin and Arabic. This statement is proved by the use of English as a main language liaison for people with different nationalism. The study activities nowadays can be done everywhere and by some medias. By a headway and support of information technology, it has changed people’s habit in studying something. Studying English online is incessantly happened in public society, moreover it be a field of business. Here, it will be explained some factors related to studying English online.

Internet is a common thing every people know nowadays. Yet, not necessarily every people know internet, understand internet. Wikipedia said, the internet is an informal term for the world-wide communication network of computers. The benefit of internet are : media of communication, media of data exchange, media of searching information, information land about education, culture, etc., the medium to ease the transaction and business. Yet, it must keep in mind, internet is a medium to reach a purpose, not a purpose itself.

Nowadays we live in information and communication technologies era, instantly. The development of information and communication technologies has changed aspects in people life, especially in education. In education, we know e-learning as an information and communication technologies application. E-learning is a learning environment which uses information and communication technologies (ICT’s) as a platform for teaching and learning activities, based on Wikiversity. The role of information and communication technologies is a medium to enable an effective and efficient learning process, and certainly fun. Thus, the information and communication technologies usage exactly relevantly by teachers makes them facilitators, mentors, coaches, managers and learning friends.

The magnitude of studying English necessity makes this knowledge a business commodity. The parents vie their children to study in an English course institute. Unfortunately, many parents require their children to study English without a distinct reason. In this way, English role is most needed in information and communication technologies and in direct interaction. The usage of internet commonly is an exact momentum to promote that media, especially in studying English. The benefit of e-learning are : learning English chance faster, adding knowledge completely, communicating with people abroad (putting English into practice).



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