Assignment 2

American English : Today’s English Style

By Sri Anina Wati

College of Language and Communication Science Sultan Agung Islamic University

The American existence makes the world should speak as them. America is one of the largest country in the world. Growing up fast, America is an influential to the worldwide. One of the influenced field is language. The American English is the national language and speak by over 300 million native in 32 states. By the colonization of British during 17 century, native of America change the English into American Style with change the words with very similiar words. Now, American English commonly speak in the world wide along with the America’s existence is up. By this field, this essay will concern on how British English change by native of America to be todays’s english.
During British expansion 17 century, it is interesting to know that the early British settlers in America speak variety of Early Modern English. Over time, differences emerge as a result of numerous factors : contact with other language, the influenced in other cultures, power struggle, etc. Noted, British settlers in America come from variety of places in England. The settlers originally they come from counties as Gloucestershire, Somerset, Lincolnshire, Nottingham and others regional. The particularly important is American English is result of drawn from the lower and middle classes of Britain. Not only British English, loanwords Of American English coloniest of French, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Native Indian. Consequently, American English initially spoken in America included many regional dialect features as opposed to being random language.
American English speak by people in world wide. By American existence grown after America expanded many countries in the world, the development of American English follow as the economic rise of the United States following The Second World War. This term being process as globalisation. By globalisation, United states widening economic, education, international politic, entertainment, and social cultural. Growing up fast, American English come in to any elements that United States expand in every countries. Hollywood, is one of the influential side of American English to be today’s English by films, music, all programs that show their identical English. Moreover, American Music such as RAP, R&B, and JAZZ which sang by American Negro firstly brought American Slang to known as American English.
It could be dis-equitable to talk more about American English without underline the differences both American English and British English. Change the meaning was came into used by native of America as well as the relationship of American English to British English. The examples are, Shoe in England meant kind of footwear, in America Shoe meant as bootblack (1817) or bootlick (1845), these originally reffered to boot (America Footwear). Crack (American English) commonly named as biscuit in England. And many more of words in differences meaning and definition. The second differences is words in American English change into similiar words with British English. This example is center and centre, the American English used center to call centre.
The development of America’s existence is growing fast. The globalisation make widening American English to be today’s English. However, people around the world know and learn many things by American English. Primarily, they speak as American native.



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