Assignment 3

Say ‘Stop’ to Bullying

By Lestari Intan Puspitaningrum

College of Language and Communication Science Sultan Agung Islamic University

Bullying has negative effects on individual, students on the school climate as a whole. Bullying can cause long-term problems for both the victims of bullying and the bullies themselves. Children who are victims of bullying on their school often feel alone, powerless, and scared. I can understand it because I am the one of the victims of bullying in my school although I had like to bullying people too. Actually, many factors why many kids are like bullying their friends. I wanna tell you some reasons and how to stop this attitude.

First, because that person who victim of bullying is more different, kind, and unique than others (jealous), but in positive things, and I am the one of it. this is one of the factors why some kids always bullying their unique friend. The unique student usually become one of teacher’s favorite best person in school, and this makes the others be jealous. Well, to handle it just ignore it and become more different. There is not something wrong uf we are gonna be different, isn’t it? Selena Gomez said in her song ‘Kill Them With Kindness’.

Second, feeling powerless in their own lives for kids, this might be a situation such as excessive fighting in the home, parents getting a divorce, or a close family member suffering from an addition to drugs or alcohol. Family, including the parents have to control their children’s mental and give them many attention. More positive supports can be prevent of bullying.

Third, looking for attention. Well, we can said ‘looking for sensational’ that can make person become famous, like Dijah Yellow. These social issues lead them to have trouble communicating. Well, we have to giving the bully positive attention before they have chance to look for negative attention, so they can make things better for themselves.

In my conclusion, how to handle the bullying is important. Conselling and therapy are often good options. But, attention of family and talk to and ways to deal withthe behavioural challenges this creates. But, on my way, if people are bullying me, I just ignore and kill them with kindness, so they are more angry with me. So, wanna say ‘Stop’ to bullying, now?



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