Assignment 3

School Work Service for Bullies

by Rafida Nur Azizah

College of Language and Communication Science Sultan Agung Islamic University

One of three school children is bullied at school every day. This may include verbal, emotional even physical. These acts of bullying have made many school children who are victimized are afraid of going to schools. In addition, if these kinds of bullying go on over and over, the bullied will experience negative physical, mental, as well as school problems as depression, anxiety, sadness or the decreased academic achievement. It is, therefore, very urgent that we prevent bullying at schools by, among other ways, punishing the bullies with school work services.

One of the solutions we can take for decreasing bullies in the school is guidance for students involved. The teachers have to streamline counseling and mediation, actively hear and help to give feedback to students’ problem. As much as possible avoid blaming, but focus to feeling. By that way, the bullies will think, “There is who hear and pay attention to me,” not “I speak for useless, I will be guilty again.” Besides that, the communication between the teachers and the students’ parents about bullies must be active. The teachers have to know about the students’ condition, externally or internally. It is hoped, by consultation with parents, parents can help psychological increasing of the students out of school, so that they will not do bully anymore in the school, based on self awareness.

If by counseling and consultation with parents don’t change something meaningful, the school can do suspension. The students are given “holiday allocation” for some days, to muse over their mistakes, to aware that it is wrong and not good, and then they will not repeat it anymore. If that method still not change something better, the students can be fined by school. The fine is not like money, because it can make students think that bullying is fine, if they have some money. But the fine is social punishment. The students are baled to society to help society’s necessity. Such as cleaning environment or building public building. Besides giving lesson to students, that punishment can open their paradigm to society widely. How accepted they are actually, and it is no need to think negative and then wreak it with bully at school.



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