Assigment 2

Morning and Nocturnal Person
and Their Academic Achievement at school
By Nur Masithoh
College of Language and Communication Science

People use their time to sleep and do their activities. Sleep at night and then wake up in the morning as a usual rule in human’s activities. But, in a special case they do not sleep at night because of their homework. It depends on what their activities are. Indeed, students have a lot of works to do in the morning till evening. Their sleeping time can be a serious problem when they got a lot of works. However they have to wake up in the morning and do the same activities again and again. In the end of the semester they should make a good achievement for their academic points. So, what time students go to bed, how long they take to sleep in one day will connect with their achievement. Thus, this article will talk about the connections between students’ sleeping time and their academic achievement.
There are two kinds of people in general, he/she who like to sleep at night and full of their day they to work, he/she are called morning person. The second is he/she who like to sleep at noon till evening and wake up in the night, he/she are called nocturnal person. Both of them will make some differences at their work or achievement for students.
Morning persons who sleep form nine or ten PM and wake up with full energy in the morning, they do all their work when the sun is hanging in the sky. They are always energetic in the morning till evening, and will lose his/her energy at night. So when do they study? Morning persons do study under the sunshine. They are really excited and focus when morning come till the sun will down on the corner of the sky. Furthermore, morning persons have a good skill at social and speaking, they are really rational and full of idea in the morning till evening. Morning persons are very structural persons, they do his/her works with all the rule in general way such as they sleep at night, that is general rule of sleeping.
On the other hand, there is nocturnal person, who need to sleep at noon or evening, but still sleep at morning at three or fur AM till six or seven Am. nocturnals can not do well anything in the morning. They are too sleepy to focus, and get some problems with their social life because of their energy is so low and without excitement in speaking. They have their taste at art and full of imaginations. Nocturnals are really unique, and have their own way to get something they want. They have their own world at night. They solve their problems or works at night because they have their full energy and get focus only at night. At night they really do a good job, wonderful job, because of their focus is maximum, and this kind of persons are really creative and get a lot of ideas at night. So yes, they do well at school’s achievements.
However, both of them, mornings or nocturnals are do well in their own way to achieve their school’s works. Of course they has their own goodness and weakness. But after all, people must choose how they decide to live their life.



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