Assignment 2

American vs British English


Nur Aisyah Jamil

College of Languages and Communication Science

Bridge to connects those of two islands, such as proverbs how important a language. Two people from different state can be unity because of language. Learn languages are many benefits things, that the reason why language such a key to open the world. You can go everywhere places in this world if you understand the language that the people use in their state, language is universal things and everybody know it. There is one language that agreed as International Language, which is English. English usually become in school as a subject, there are several reasons why English can be International language in the world. Some of the reason are because English is the oldest language in the world and English have fast developments in new vocabularies. In fact, the central state in the world which is United state use English as their national language, and people extremely using American English, along with how fast development over there. But, do you know if American English is different with British English? in fact British is the real state which English come from. This is a very interesting topic, so that why I am going to talk more and discuss about the similarities and differences between this Language, American English and British English.
The first differences about American and British English are in the vocabularies. Although, the meanings are the same, but the vocabularies between them are different. For example, in American English they use, cookie, apartment, soccer, fall, mail, vacation and etc, but in the British English they use, biscuit, flat, football, autumn, post, holiday and etc.
Second differences are in the spelling, American usually decrease the unnecessary word, in contrast with British they usually maintain of the spelling. For example the words in the American English, center, catalog, color, defense, labour, theater, neighbor and etc. But in British, centre, catalogue, colour, defence, labour, theatre, neighbour, and etc.
Third differences are in the pronunciation. If we hear closely we will feel the differences, they have different intonation and stress. In the American English we the word can and can’t it is have similar sound, it is difficult thing for us to understand what exactly they say. But in the British we can hear clearly the differences between can and can’t.
The similarities from American and British English actually they are the same language but sometimes the words, pronunciation, spelling, vocabularies are different between each other, but mostly both of them are similar also both of them are the famous language in the world.



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