Problem Solving Essay

School Social Work Service for Bullies

By Sri Anina Wati

Faculty of Language and Communication Science Sultan Agung Islamic University

One of three school children is bullied at schools every day. This may include verbal, emotional even physical. These acts of bullying have made many school children who are victim are afraid of going to school. In addition,if these kinds of bullying go on over and over, the bullied will experience negative physical, mental, as well as school problem as depression, anxiety, sadness or decrease academic achievement. It is, therefore, very urgent that we prevent bullying at school by, among other ways, punishing the bullies with school social work service.

Bullying can be helped by training. The victim and the bully will get the same training, but the bullies will in priority. The school social work service should be activities which promote students’ academic, mental health, and social success. The school social work service divided into 3 activities include service to student, service to school society, and service to parents or family.

Service to student is the crucial way to help psychology of student. Teacher will be helped by mental health agencies or psychiatrist to help the work or analysis. This is the way school knows every students’ problem mental. The work can be divided into two models. First model is oral test. The student must answer any question from the trial. The second model is test based by paper. The work has to design any solution of the trial given, which is combined the test that will showing students’ mental and emotional.

Service to school society, this second model way it is gives the target to making students’ life society to be better. The trial will be helped by all element in school such as teachers, functionaries, students, and others. In this way, student must making some progresses to interact with the elements, help any social problems, even help to clean and take every good things in school. This work will be hardest work for the bullies because they will learn how to be social success student with minimal racism.

Service to parents or family. This third model is used for the hardest problem which parental is needing. School will invites parents and make them deal with school mental health invasion. Have discuss together to probe students problem and solve solution in hard level of bullying.

Service to students, service to school society, and service to parents or family, those school social worked are kinds of solving the bullying in school. No matter how bad the bullying in school it can be helped by training of mental health. However, bullying must be nothing in school.



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