Assignment 3

Intan Ajeng Sabatina (30801500210)

College of Language and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

No English No Speak

Year 3 students of English program can not speak English well. It seems to be ridiculous but it really happens in many of English programs. I believe that it is not because the language is too difficult for them to learn, rather, they do not willingly practice and use the language in their daily life either at campus or at home. If this condition happens continuously, it will ruin the future not only the students themselves but also the institutions which run the programs. Since the quality of the program will very much be represented by the graduate. English programs, therefore, are encouraged to set rules to make students of English program practice speaking English with the rule of ‘No English No Speak’. Students are not allowed to speak anything unless in English.

The rule of ‘No English No Speak’ should be like any other activity that students do not feel objections with the rule. Choose some activities and topics that students find interesting and useful. None of the techniques will be successful for students to speak English well if they simply do not want to talk about activities and topics that they do not like, or if they do not find activities and topics useful. Motivating and practical activities and topics are important to get students talking in English.

Having students work in a small groups is usually more productive for students to improve their English speaking skills rather than “performing” in front of a large group, because they have more chance to speak in a smaller group. Conversations between students generally occur in a smaller groups rather than larger groups. Setting aside regular time for students to get into small groups for discussion will help them develop their English speaking skills. Therefore, the rule of ‘No English No Speak’ indirectly can be applied well.

English program can also use other grading policies to strengthen the rule of ‘No English No Speak’. For instance, any students who break the rule will lose five points for their participation grade. At the end of the semester, English program will count those monthly ‘break the rule’ grades as part of the final course grade. If students know that breaking the rule will have an effect on their final grade, they will surely obey the rule more seriously. By using this way, students can speak English well.

Students who do not obey the rule of ‘No English No Speak’ make them can not speak English well. Students should consider the fact that the rule can affect their own English speaking skills. English program should motivate students to apply the rule by making some ways and by making sure that students obey and do not break it. This is not different from many other types of rules that students routinely follow in order to improve their English speaking skills.



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