Assignment 2

Studying English Via Online
by Nevita Rizki Ariyani
College of Languages and Communication Science Sultan Agung Islamic University

One of the important skills that you must have today is the ability to speak English. Moreover, English become important because many countries use it as their first language or second languages, no wonder English become an international language and it possible to open your opportunities to unite and communicate with people around the world, so you can learn many positive things from them. Furthermore, English gives you a chance to study, work, or travel abroad more easily if you can speak English. With these profits of learning English, don’t wait until you regret. If you want to improve English skills or maybe learn English from the basic, but having no time to take a course or probably bored with a class atmosphere, this essay will give you some ways to study English effectively and fun via online.
The effective way to study English is start to chatting with native online. In this era, many social media can connect people around the world, like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and others. You can also join chat rooms or forums or find a pen pal to practice your English. Chatting online not only putting into practice what you’ve learned in a casual and stress-free way, but through keyboard chatting, you get to check for grammar errors before you hit that “enter” button. Moreover, with online voice calls features, you’re practicing your conversational English.
Watch English videos about your interests while you’re already on YouTube, also watching interview or review videos, streaming your favorite songs or movies and etc. also improve your English skills likes’ pronunciation, listening, communication, and also help you broaden your English vocabulary in fun ways. Much fun rather than sitting in a classroom to pay attention to your teacher, isn’t?
In short, today’s English is a skill that you must have, so learn it. It is not difficult as you can imagine. Besides, you can learn it in fun and effectively ways, getting closer with people around the world and watching your interest videos on YouTube is a good start to study English.



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