Assignment 2

The Right Sleeping Time and Students Success

by Putri Solekhah

College of Language and Communication Science Sultan Agung Islamic University

Sleep is needed as human being. This activity sometimes may be forgotten. It can be seen by people tend to arrange their own sleep hours. It could be four, six, or eight hours a day. It depends on people’s daily activity. Especially for students who study and do their assignment until late night, sleep doesn’t need certain hours. Students can sleep everywhere and every time, ignoring the important of sleep. As a result, student’s other activity such as paying attention during their class will be disturbed because of sub-optimal sleep. Therefore adequate sleep impacts health and mental functioning on student’s performance in class.

As students, for example, how many hours they sleep each day is not an important thing anymore. Students sometimes consider that sleeping time does not give impact for them. Students should get seven until nine hours to sleep each day, but they tend to sleep less than seven hours instead. They don’t realize that sleep plays important role in physical health. During sleep, human body is working to repair our heart and blood vessels. Sleep also provides energy and prepares our brain to do the task next day. If students have a lack of sleep, means that their brain doesn’t prepare enough to do the task next day.

In the other hand, sleeping time is also related to academic achievement of students in class. Because the right time of sleep could improve our brain to concentrate. This is going to be a necessary for students to have a full concentration during their class. If students have poor concentration as a result of feeling sleepy, it will disturb students’ attention during the class. It happens because lack of sleep may lead micro-sleep. It is a brief moment of sleep when we are normally awake. For example, when students are listening to their lecture, suddenly they miss a part of information that the lecturer gave. In reality, they may have micro-sleep but they are not aware of it.

In conclusion, students’ quality sleep and the right hours to sleep help their body and brain function. Students should not ignore how many hours they sleep each day anymore. Because to get a better achievement in class, their physical health especially their brain should ready to process information from their lecturer.



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