Assignment 3

No English No Speak

By Agus Yunifahmi Desianto

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)


Year 3 students of English program can’t speak  English well. It seems to be ridiculous but it really happens in many of English programs. I believe that it is not because the language  is too difficult for them to learn, rather, they do not willingly practice and use the language in their daily life either at campus or at home. If this condition happens continuously, it will ruin the future not only the students themselves but also the institutions which runs the programs. Since the quality of the program will very much be represented by the graduate. English programs, therefore, are encouraged to set rules to make students of English program practice speaking English with rule of ‘No English No Speak’. Students are not allowed to speak anything unless in English.

The way this rule should work is exactly as it was stated above. But we cannot really put a duct tape on student’s mouth when they start using another language to communicate with each other in campus, so this other option might work better.  If one of the students do not speak English, the other students may ignore them and pretend to not hear them and may reply when the person starts using English. Theoretically this should work as a large number of students who decided to study in English programs focused institutions are most likely really interested in the language itself.

Some of the reasons that students always have for not using English to communicate in campus are things like “I am too shy”, “my English is not that good” and “none of my friends use English to communicate beyond our classes”.  If we take a look at those excuses, we can conclude that if at least we have a few groups of students who actually speak English quite frequently, everyone else might just follow at what they do. To accommodate this, we can invite foreigners to our campus, preferably young foreigners to join our classes for couple of weeks, every couple of months seems to be a good start for further programs that will increase the use of English language.

If we really want to take it a step further, we can also make a student transfer program. We do not need to invite random foreigners to our campus just to join our classes anymore, but instead, an actual students transfer program. It is even better if they are from countries which use English as their main language. This should help increase the use of English even more, as we will get actual students who also will learn with us and there will be no other way for our local students to communicate with the transfer student except using the English language, which hopefully will also be put in use to communicate with the other local students. In exchange, we also send our best students to another country to put their knowledge of English language in use, which is also a good ‘bait’ or ‘reason’ for most students to use English in their daily campus activity.

Not seeing any students using English language to communicate to each other in an institution that focused on English programs might be weird but it is quite common. We need a reason to make them to actually use the language itself. Student transfer program should help a lot, and when students are used to talking and chatting with their friends using English after a lot of experiences with foreigners from student exchange programs, only then we can enforce the rule of ‘no English no speak’ where they can ignore anyone or pretend that they do not hear what they were saying when someone are not using English. That, may hopefully help increase the use of English as the main language that we use to communicate in our campus.



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