Assignment 1

Studying English Online

by Sariwati Nugraheni

College of Language and Communication Science Unissula

Recently, all peoples interested by English language, why peoples suddenly want to use English ?  because English language is international language or can also called slang. Nowdays people want to looks more interisting if they use english.  Moreover  english language is the primacy of language in globalization era. People can not communicate with clearly,  if they  can not use to english language. Therefore there are a lot peoples want to learn English with easy, one of them are study English through social media or english online. There are a lot of institutions that provide sites to learn English online with autodidact, conversation and TOEFL thats way peoples can learn english with easier to understand.  therefore peoples do not need study through private lessons or specifically in the course. In english online There is provide any sites about how to study English easy, start from text to speech, short story, poetry, song lyric, dialog conversation, and etc. Through studying english online all peoples can study without cost.  As far studying english online by native speakers or foreigners through chat application, that can also easier to study english.



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