Assignment 2

Studying English Online
By Anisa Fitrianti Puspitarini
College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Studying English is very important for us. I have to say in Era like now English is an International language that can not be ignored. The increasing ability of people now who dominate the English language is a common way to communicate with each other. Moreover, the development of increasingly sophisticated technology so English ability is very important. Right now studying English is very easy. Because now studying English can be accesed for online. Studying English online is easier because so many blogs about English language which are available, so we can read and we can learn easily.

Learning English online is very profitable for us, such as, first, low cost. When compared to studying English at school or college which costs very expensive, as it can reach millions of rupiahs, studying English online is much cheaper because it only requires internet quota or we can also use hotspots that does not cost expensively as studying in schools or on campuses. Only using the internet quota or hotspot we could download material of English language, watch English videos, and so forth.

Second, got a lot of materials. Through the websites on the internet, we can search and find English materials that we want. The material is very easy just search by entering keywords in the sites search such as “google” we can see a wide variety of materials, questions, or English tutorial video. There is a lot of materials, compared to studying at school or college, who only uses one or two paid modules. With studying online we can find out a lot of ideas of different people in every material we see on the internet.

Third, Studying anywhere and anytime. Studying English online can be do anywhere and anytime because we only need to open our gadget and the website that we want to visit. Although we were in the bus, in the cafeteria, or anywhere we can studying. Without having to bring a thick modules. It is very effective for people who are very busy but want to studying English without having to attend a class.

So, it can be concluded that studying English online is very easy, like low cost, got a lot of materials, and studying anywhere and anytime . If you do well, your english ability to increase steadily. So do not worry if you are a busy person, you do not need to go to private lessons, or school to studying English, because studying English online is very easy right now.



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