Assignment 2

Sleeping Time and Academic Achievement

By: Riesma Devi Ofianti

College of Language and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Imagine that you are having a lot of assignments, but you just cannot concentrate on them. Because, you don’t have enough sleeping time and it can influence your academic achievement. What you really need is enough sleep and relax for a while, but your assignment is waiting. Everyone wants to have times for refreshing. In fact, it makes sense that poor sleep can make everyone feel tired and sleepy in their activity. My question is; have you ever been feeling it driving you like crazy? A few things can be discussed in further detail. Finally, does have a sleeping time can influence academic achievement?

First, being awake for long hours of time has unpleasant effects on health. In fact, the body became less fit and eyes became glassy. Another fact, our head get dizzy it can influence our activity. It greatly affects one’s health until it makes the person get relax and make the assignments unresolved was neglected. Of course it can affect our academic achievement.

Second, everyone knows a night spent without sleep or having little sleep can result in fatigue and bad mood in the morning. Maybe, you are getting a daydream or feel sleepy in your day. However, several sleepless nights can cause more serious mental effects; having a foggy brain and unclear thinking. Throughout the day you cannot concentrate on the lesson or the material being studied. You just busy yawning and difficulty concentrating. Cannot receive incoming material due to drowsiness. Sometimes, even when it is getting a lesson you can fall asleep in your class.

And the last, being up all night is a choice of high school or college student. It is widely believed that unlike insomnia. In the morning you still feeling sleepy and feel your sleep is not enough. And you will be late getting of bed. It can influent that you will be late for school or class. And consequently you are not allowed to go to class or maybe you are allowed but the material of your course that you get is less.

Obviously, don’t have enough sleeping time can influent so many your activities in your day. Several sleepless nights affect one’s ability to concentrate and make decisions. And it can influent your academic achievement. Specify your sleep schedule in order to get enough sleep and regular sleep. So, no matter what your reasons are to stay awake for a prolonged time, make sure to have a normal 8 hours sleep.



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