Assignment 2

The profit and the detriment of studying English online

By Fitri Wijayanti

College of Languages and Communication Science of

Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

It was once said, “The English is a global language”. The language is a very basic thing. When we want to communicate with other people, we have to use the language that can be understood by our interlocutors. So, misunderstanding will not happen. Moreover, if you speak with foreigners in the world, you must understand the language that is used by the world internationally. That is the language of English. Right now a lot of people that more chose studying English through their gadget with choose some online sites that exist in Google, blog, Article and so on. This essay will explain what are the profit and the detriment when you are studying English online that are:

When we want to understand the English certain we will search things that will increase our knowledge about the English. One of is through online sites. The online sites are being chosen a lot of people because it has the time that is very flexible. The person wants to study the English in the internet it is not based on the time because that important is existence internet access that can help them to study the English whenever and wherever.
Studying English online also has some detriment like mistake material, cost to buy the internet quotas and so on. The mistake on the material can happen because the material of English is very easier spread for all people because that, so people are easily sharing the material without research their material before. Studying English online also make possible happened a lot wickedness technology like dangerous about pornography that is during this time nervousness the parents.
Those are explained about the profit and the detriment studying English online; I hope this essay can be useful to you all and it can help you when you study the language of English.



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