Assignment 2

Learning English Online via Website

by Fany Claudarista

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Everyone would have understood that if we had to learn something we should more actively achieve it, said by Greg Thomson, “The only normal way to begin speaking in a new language is to begin speaking badly.” It can not be denied again, English is already an important part of our lives in the era of globalization. English has become the language mandatory if we do not want to be outdated and called as “it’s so yesterday”. We as the college students should be able to instill the idea that English is important for us to understand and comprehend. In fact, some students believe that mastering English language must take a course, which spends a lot of costs, time and labor, and in the end they do not get anything because they are too busy to split the time. Because there are too many problems faced by the students to master English language, so the author would like to describe three websites that can help to learn English with ease and without charge.

Everyday millions of people in the world using English in the workplace or in running social life. No doubt anymore, English language has become an important part of our lives. Fluent and proficient in English language certainly is the duty of every person. The first site to learn English online is BBC Learning English ( This site has been known as a program to learning English from the BBC. In BBC Learning English, you can get thousands of subject matter, that is abundant and video footage to support your learning methods. BBC Learning English has had participants from all over the world, have application to learn English for free, as well as lessons on this site will continue in update, so you are not bored to study at this site.

The second one is the VOA Learning English ( Just like BBC Learning English, this site also has thousands of video and audio that we can access with no registration and is free. You just need to sit in front of computers and study in peace. Article on this site was a wide range, from the actual to the entertainment, which of course can enrich your vocabulary repertory. VOA Learning English also presents two main menu, they are Learning English TV and English in a Minute. These two features will show you the audio visual to help you learn to accelerate in learning English. If you want to test your English language skills, you can try to this feature, Practice, where you can directly talk with people and teams in VOA Learning English through TALK2US feature via Skype.

The third site to learn English online is Learn English British Council ( This site is formed from The British Council organization which is engaged in the field of education and culture. The different from the two sites online above is, in Learn English British Council there is a choice of levels such as, LearnEnglish Teens, TeachingEnglish, and LearnEnglish Kids, that you can choose according to your level and make sure we can learn more as well as diverse. If you are a student or your activity make you move around a lot, do not worry because this site also has an application for smartphones called LearnEnglish Apps. This application is very helpful in your busy schedules, with download in Google Play Store or App Store you can instantly enjoy learning English with ease.

In the conclusion, at this globalization era, English has become the common language among people in this world. We as young people cannot exclude this language, because English has been regarded as an international language. Ranging from school to office workers had to use English for their interests. The three sites above to learn English online, such as BBC Learning English, VOA Learning English, and Learn English British Council are indirectly have helped us in solving the problems in learning English. Those sites also has includes a variety of learning materials that have been recognized throughout the world. So that we can access those sites easily and no cost, as well as with the online method, we can use it in our spare time.



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