Speech organs or articulators are organs which are used by human being to produce speech sounds. The organs are:
1. The Pharynx (tenggorok): is a tube which begins just above the larynx. It is about 7 cm long in women and about 8 cm in men. In its top end (ujung atas) it is divided into two, one part (satu bagian) being the back part of oral cavity (rongga mulut), and the other one being the beginning of the way through (jalan menuju) the nasal cavity (rongga hidung).

2. The soft palate (langit-langit lunak) or velum. This allows (memungkinkan) air to pass through (melewati) the nose and through the mouth. When it is raised (dinaikkan), the air can not escape through the nose. This articulator can be touched by the tongue as when we make sounds [k] and [g]. The tongue is in contact (bersentuhan) with the lower side (sisi bawah) of the soft palate.

3. The hard palate (langit-langit keras) is often called the “roof of the mouth” (atap rongga mulut). With your tongue, you can feel (merasakan) its smooth curved surface (permukaan melengkung yang halus).

4. The alveolar ridge (gusi/ pangkal gusi): It lies between the top front teeth and the hard palate. You can feel its shape (bentuknya) with your tongue.

5. The tongue (lidah). You must know this articulator very well. When it is about articulator, the tongue is divided (dibagi) into these parts: tip, blade, front, back, and root.

6. The teeth (gigi) upper (atas) and lower (bawah). They are very clear, aren’t they?

7. The lips (bibir) upper and lower. Lips are very important in speech. They can be pressed together (ditekan bersama-sama), brought into contact (dikontakkan / dipertemukan) with the teeth, or rounded to produce certain vowels.

The seven articulators described here are the main ones (utama) used (yang dipergunakan) in speech, but there are a few things to remember as larynx and jaws.

To have the pictures of those organs, follow speech organs.
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