Sleeping Time and Academic Achievements ( Assignment II )

Sleeping Time and Academic Achievements

by Anifah

Collage of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University of Semarang


Sleeping time is an important role in human being’s health and academic achievements. According to recent research investigated about sleep quantity on performance of students, the result indicated that many adolescence get less sleep than the average recommended level that normally 7 to 9 hours a day. These problem can also  influence capacity of remember and performance to do activities. Insufficient sleep is hazardous thing if we let the problem and not prevent it  in ourselves. There are some evidences that expose about insufficient sleep that related with academic performances.

The first, Inefficient daytime behaviour and variability in performance or postpone a work. Many people prefer to delay their work than do their work on time. Such as do homework when they feel good mood or  deadline.Too much spend time for social media can also influence to manage a time as a consequence they are willing to surface their sleep time to finish their work even it will effect their concentration and make them sleepy at school. Not only influence with psychology problems but also their school grades because do not have many preparation and not optimal in settled their homework.

Second, Stress and social relationships can cause people to get less sleep because they always thinking and can not quiet in every their activities. It will influence the processing of brain and their emotional automatically. These problem can also make people be uncommunicative, they prefer to keep their problem than talk to their friend untill they forget with their work and duty that should be done. Insufficient sleep make students unable to actively participate in class activities, and is associated with a decreased ability to control inhibit or change emotional response.

Although insufficient sleep has some negative consequences, it has positive aspects too. For one thing, it has been mentioned that insufficient sleep can molest concentration and make sleepy at school. But, for the people who like a deadline and have a lot of assignments, they will enjoy with it even they have to much think to make it finish as soon as possible  without many preparation because do assignment in the midnight will give a power to thinking, they can also be serious and quiet to finish their assignment and can make then think clearly. Their emotional will direction to seek a solution for their work so fast. Moreover, they can finish an assignment faster that should finish in more than a day.

To sum up, sleeping time is related to academic achievement, especially for people who get less sleep or insufficient sleep. It can influence with school grade and many performance academic and it will be harmful if we let it without realize and prevent the problem.



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