Assignment 2

Plus Points From Studying English Online

By Dwi Maftukhah

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

It was once said “Study can be from everywhere, because everything can be knowledge” –anonymous-. It means that study is not always in a classroom or from a book. Study can be done everywhere. In this era, everything is based technology. It makes people get what they want easily, including study. Now, study is very easy with a method that we call online. The subject that many people interest to learn is the international language, English. Studying english online is more effective and easier. Beside that, studying english online has many plus points. That is you do not need a teacher, it can save much money, and you can study english everywhere.

Teachers, people who you need when you are studying. They will speak and explain the subject. But, sometimes their explanation can be your lullaby. It makes bored and feel sleepy. It will be different if we use studying online, because we do not teachers anymore. It can be done by yourself. You just need computer or smartphone and connection to internet. Studying english online will not make you bored. Because it has many variation way to study. For example if you want learn about listening, so you can choose the way, with a song or conversation. The important thing is there is nobody will angry if you do not serious when you study. So, studying english online is more effective because you can do it by yourself and do not need teachers.

Studying english online can save your money. If you join an english course, it needs money to pay the fee. It needs money to buy a book for the subject. Then you need money to your transportation to go the place. With studying English online you do not need to pay the fee, buy the book, or use money for your transportation. The book using e-book that can you download and read it many times without must to write material of the subject. For the course is free, because there are many subjects that offer studying english online freely. You just need to download the application. The example of websites that offer studying english online are Alison, MOOEC (Massive Open Online English Course), FutureLearn, edX, Udemy, Open Learning Canvas Network, and many more. So, beside studying english online is effective because you do not need teacher, it can save your money too.

Many people think that for study they need a class or a room. But you do not need a class or a room again in studying english online. Studying english online make easier way to study. The place is up to you. You will be the one who decide where you want to study. It can be in your bedroom, in your dining room, or with gathering in cafe with your friend. If you want waste your times, you can spend your free time with studying english online. You can set the place that make you comfort, so you will not be bored and will enjoy your study.So, the last of plus points from studying english online is you can study everywhere.

The conclusion is studying english online has many plus points. The first is more effective than studying english directly because studying english online does not need teacher and you can do it by yourself. The second is it can save much money because you do not pay the fee, buy many book, pay for transportation and there are many websites that offer studying english online freely. The last plus point is practice because studying english online can be everywhere such as in the bedroom, in the public transportation, or in a cafe. So, why do not you try to studying english online?



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