Sleeping time and Academic Achievment
By Monny setyaningrum

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Education is essential for life today, where all people or young children in particular should be educated that as high as possible not only that, in the search for science achievment they must surely exist in the process of looking for a sience course at school because it was mandatory. And no means to spend time and money to seek knowledge in school but just come, sit down, and go home.,what we can for looking in the school there should be the result and prove with the value of the value of nice and a lot of science and with that achievment would we be if we are earnest in learning. But the feat was not obtained with a relaxed body. Certainly need process and process that is always learning. Able to master any material that teaches and has a desire to be the best and also to be able to devide their time between the time to learn the time to play and time to rest time to sleep because it could affect.



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