Assignment 2


Studying English Online

By Medisca Tsania Putri Hananta

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

First, the people can get new vocabulary from internet by read an article, essay, and the news. Some people have way to study English by themselves by read an article in internet. An article usually has good structure or vocabulary. In the article not only show general vocabulary like good, buy, eat and etc, but also has a specific vocabulary like technical and healthy vocabulary for example fluid, weather, thermometer, telescope, cardiovascular and etc. Besides that, a news use formal vocabulary. This can increase knowledge about formal and technical vocabulary for the people. It also has negative effect, it can make the people lazy to open their dictionary, because some people think that when somebody open his dictionary, it will need a long time to search the vocabulary.

Second, the people can get a lot of kinds of exercise. Somebody can do it because he always tries the exercise however the exercise from the book or internet, but by internet the people can get many kinds of exercise type actually in structure, grammar, listening and etc. But it can make somebody looks introvert because he just focus on his gadget, and maybe he doesn’t care about his environment.

Third, studying English online really simple for majority people on structure of the grammar. The people don’t need to open the book because it’s really simple. But everything simple also has a negative effect, it can make a person’s dependency on internet. The people will often open the internet and seldom open their book. One of dependency of internet it can disturb their health actually in their eyes. The light can cause of minus in their eyes.

So, the conclusion based on the essay is people not only can study English by the book, but also can study English by online that has majorities and negatives impact. People can get a new vocabularies, how write with the good grammar, and a lot of types of grammar exercises that can make the people understand about it, but the people also has to think about the negative of studying English online. And they must be able to balance their habit. Sometimes studies English by the book and sometimes by online. There are no stupid people in the world, but there are lazy people in the world. The people can do it because they accustomed trying exercise more and more.



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