Assignment 1

American English Versus British English

By  Nofia Ulfa

College Of Languages and Communication Science Of Sultan Agung University

English Language is very important for us, especially in this globalization period. In this modern period, we have to learn English well in writing aspect or oral aspect, in order that we can do global communication with other people from other country. Not only that, if we have English skill, of course we will easier to do global business, because that is very easy to find foreign investors to give investment for our business. Even nowadays, some of Indonesia’s Businessmen cooperates with foreign investors to develop their great business. They also can introduce many local products, like Batik handicrafts and Bag handicrafts. Nevertheless, we need to know it is important to decide which type of  English we want to use, so with that ability whoever foreigners that doing communication with us, they are not confusion with our pronounciation. Because actually there are two the most known types of English, they are American English and British English. So we need to know the differences between American English and British English before we decide which type we will use anytime.



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