Assignment 2

The Benefits of Studying English Online

by Kartika Celi

College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

In this modern era, Mastering English is a very urgent need for global communication. Mastering English becomes everyone’s desire, not only in Indonesia, but also in many countries around the world. Because the opening of free market has made increasingly heated competition.  Both large and small companies have to improve their quality to survive amid the influx of a variety of foreign products. For that reason now the ability to speak english both oral and written is a requirement that must be met. Basically, learning English has many advantages. Morever, today the rise of internet and social media to make information easily available, surely this one of the alternatives to be able to learn through online. Learning English can say easy or hard. Everyone has of busy each, there are some people who own the course. If anyone wants to learn alone, confused way how. However, now with the means to learn English through the internet, we can learn easily. There are three benefits of studying English online.

The first, more relaxed as we were playing. Ways online learning can provide an attractive language which will help us to repeat and expand the understanding of the language lessons. In addition to learning online, we will be more relaxed and not feel bored because we like playing. We will also feel more excited because usually there are various interesting pictures. Besides the image, we can also listen to the music that we are listening basic smoothly. So ways learn English through online will be more effective and would be easily understood. So ways learn English through online will be more effective and would easily understood.

The second, can learn anywhere and anytime. Everyone has their own activities. Sometimes this is the reason why not everyone can follow English lessons well. With online access 24 hours, we can improve their English skills anywhere and anytime. Now we can learn easily and anywhere it online from mobile phones by visiting the site to learn English. When you are be unemployed as when waiting in line or waiting for the bus we can learn, we usually have a lot of free time, it’s just that we often do not realize it and often we pass it by just daydreaming. For that we should use this opportunity to take advantage of online sites to learn English.

The third, world-wide network. With the availability of world-wide network and a lot of social media were there, so we could be easier to find or learn English by using social media. For example, we can use Facebook account. You can join the group on Facebook for English language practice and ask about the material that you do not understand, because asked the class would have been more embarrassed in comparison through online. In addition you may have the opportunity to find new friends through the account. We can also communicate with our close friends and even we can also make friends with strangers. Only by using an Internet connection, you can connect with your friends and learn whenever you want. By doing so, we will be able to understand English more quickly.



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