Assignment 2

The Simple Way  To Studying English Online by Ama Amalia

College of Language and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

                 How does it feel when we can study from a different way ? the way that you face it everytime, everywhere and every second you breath. Usually studying make you feel bored, sad and crazy maybe. But in the era of modern technology we can study with fun and not get bored quickly. Usually study language especially English, should have to carry dictionary. We shouldn’t have to carry a heavy and demanding book. We just have to carry a smartphone. If we have a smartphone we can study online and we can practice it with somebody in English language. There are 3 simple ways to studying English online, open the special website about learning English, Communicate or Chatting with british  people and playing games that can increase your vocabulary.

First, you can open the website about learning English or English club. Listening are included in the passive skill. We just hear what people say, it’s the very important thing  in the conversation. Because when we can’t understand what they say we can’t say anything to. It’s meant that the conversation isn’t useful anymore. So, this is the website to train your listening skill. , . Speaking is the active skill because we must talk to someone, this is the website to train your speaking skills. , . for reading skill you can open this website, or . for writing you just open , . and for vocabulary you can open the website in , . so that’s the website address that can help you for learning English, good luck.

Second, you can try to chatting with England people or someone with English language. It’s very effective to increase your ability to speak. Everyday if you speak in English then over time you will be good at correctly in that language. In fact you will used in this language so you don’t have any trouble again in english. Because when you speak English everyday a lot of words you can find and remember it.  It’s easy right to be a master English language.

Third, playing games is not forever playing along, but we can enrich our vocabulary. You must find the game that make you found the new words you never heard before or strange word. Example in the Bubbles games you can practice grammar and word order just click the bubbles and construct sentences to review English grammar. And in the Hang Man games you just guess and spell the word before you get hung. First choose your set of words and then guess the letters. In that games we conclude that that games is very effective to increase your skill in English, because you can be the master English. Studying with playing is the best choice to eliminating your bored to studying.

A lot of ways to studying English with media online. As has been mentioned you just open the website, now it’s a lot of websites we can visited that has lessons to teach us. Not only that the development of social media also can help us to studying English, in a way have a chatting with stranger people frong England or American with English language. Not only to learn our language also we can learn how they speak in their style. Playing game also make our language evolving because in that games we play with vocabulary grammar and the others. So it’s easy right to studying English online.



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