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Intan Ajeng Sabatina (30801500210)

College of Language and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Cause and Effect for Students Who Choose Studying English Online

                        It was once said, “Studying english online is the most effective and convenient way to learn.” Others said that, “Studying english online will never be as effective as learning at a real school.” The progress in technology has changed our life in many aspects. One of these aspects is online education which is also called by electronic learning. Online educations open new horizons for ambitious students who want to achieve higher education but their finance is not enough to attain this goal. The advantages of online education has persuaded many students to enroll in online programs to pursue their education. On the other hand, there are some effects that affect students. Recently, forms of studying english also have been developed by new technologies. Consequently, more and more people are choosing to improve skills by using ( or through) studying english online. Majority of people say it is beneficial whereas others argue that studying english online has effect as well. People especially students, now understand the causes of this condition, which affect millions students to choose studying english online than studying english directly. Here are some causes why students choose studying english online.

                        The first causes is interaction. There are some advantages in interaction and participation in studying english online class, at all hours of the day and night, whenever suits individual schedules. In class, extroverted students usually active in discussions, while introverted students tend to be less active. The introverted students sometimes may wish to participate, but get too crowded because of many students. This is not happen in an english online class. Everyone has something important to participate because english online class ongoing throughout the week, students can join in and participate at any time. A huge advantage of studying english online is that the ability to communicate personally with the teacher via e-mail or phone much more often than just a few office hours each week in class.

However the effect for students who choose studying english online is less direct contact. Studying english online in class don’t offer the same immediate and regular access to teachers and classmates as traditional face to face class. The communication generally takes place via e-mail or phone. While this can help in learning technology, it negatively impacts a students ability to interact with teachers, ask questions and get immediate help. It also takes away from classmates, some of the social and team building that occurs informally in class. Students normally have to schedule time each day to do assignments, papers and projects. Beside that, students must to complete tests and quizzes that they would take in class. As students must often communicate with classmates in class, not communicate via e-mail or phone, because it is not really good for students themselves.

The second causes is study time and place. Disturbances are rampant in students busy lifestyles. Finding the best place and time to study can decrease disturbances. Some of students have problem with studying english in class because they cannot concentrate in class. So another students prefer to focus their studying english in studying english online. There are many hours in the day as a result of no sitting and communicating in class, so students can choose places and times to studying english online according to what they want. Having a personal study space at home can helpful to increase focus and concentration. Study places can be as simple as a corner in a quiet room or the living room table, or in the leafy backyard. Some students like to study away from home and sometimes go to a library or even a coffee shop while enjoy snacks and drink such as coffee, tea or milk that can help them to increase their mood. All it takes is some creativity to find a study place that suits individual needs.

Another effects for students who choose studying english online is ineffective. An important component of studying english is the social and communication interactions between student and teacher, and student and student. Students need to ask a question and to share an opinion with their teacher or their classmates. It is often through conversation, discussion, and debate among students and between teachers and students, a skill is practiced directly, until studying objective is achieved in class. Studying english online need adjustments by teachers as well as students for successful interactions to occur. Studying english online often substitute class interaction via e-mail or phone. The effectiveness of such a virtual interactive venue is not without debate and this is not effective for students.

In conclusion, there are some causes and effects for students who choose studying english online. First causes is interaction. Second causes is study time and place. From that causes, appears some effects. The first effects is less direct contact and the second effects is ineffective. They are become causes and effects for students who choose studying english online.




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