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Intan Ajeng Sabatina (30801500210)

College of Language and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

Cause and Effect for Students Who Choose Studying English Online

It was once said, “Studying english online is the most effective and convenient way to learn.” Others said that, “Studying english online will never be as effective as learning at a real school.” The progress in technology has changed our life in many aspects. One of these aspects is online education which is also called by electronic learning. Online educations open new horizons for ambitious students who want to achieve higher education but their finance is not enough to attain this goal. The advantages of online education has persuaded many students to enroll in online programs to pursue their education. On the other hand, there are some effects that affect students. Recently, forms of studying english also have been developed by new technologies. Consequently, more and more people are choosing to improve skills by using ( or through) studying english online. Majority of people say it is beneficial whereas others argue that studying english online has effect as well. People especially students, now understand the causes of this condition, which affect millions students to choose studying english online than studying english directly. Here are some causes why students choose studying english online.



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