Assigment 1

By Azizah
College of Languages and Communication Science of Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA)

That English is difficult to learn. It is what some people might think when they are asked about English. But, English comes as both universal and international language which becomes a need for people to learn. Many countries in this earth use English as either the first or the second languange. In addition, every country has its own style to deliver English in a daily conversation. Yet, the best known English styles are American and British Style. In fact, non English-speaking people tend to learn those kinds of English style. Firstly, American style is known as the one which considers many slang words and expressions. Then, British style is the one which is known for its special intonations. Whether American or British style has some differences include in grammar, phonology, then vocabulary which are going to be explained in this paper.



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