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Berikut adalah beberapa kolokasi bahasa Inggris dengan verb have dan contohnya dalam kalimat.

Have an accident: mengalami kecelakaan
Mr Grey had an accident last night but he’s OK now.

Have an argument / a row: berdebat
We had an argument / a row about how to fix the car.

Have a break: istirahat
Let’s have a break when you finish this exercise.

Have a conversation / chat: bercengkerama
I hope we’ll time to have a chat after the meeting.

Have difficulty: mengalami kesulitan
The class had difficulty understanding what to do.

Have a dream / nightmare: bermimpi /mengalami mimpi buruk
I had a nightmare last night.

Have an experience: mengalami / mempunyai pengalaman
I had a frightening experience the other day.

Have a feeling: merasakan
I have a feeling that something is wrong.

Have fun / a good time: menikmati / menyukai
I’m sure you’ll have fun on the school trip.

Have a look: melihat
The teacher wanted to have a look at what we were doing.

Have a party: berpesta
Let’s have a party at the end of term.

Have a problem / problems: bermasalah / mengalami masalah
Ask the teacher if you have problems with the exercise.

Have a try / go: mencoba
I’ll explain what to do and then you can have a go / try.

(McCarty & O’Dell. 2007. English Collocation in Use. CUP)



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