1. Make arrangement : The school can make arrangements for pupils with special needs.
2. Make a change / changes : The new manager is planning to make some changes.

3. Make a choice : Jill had to make a choice between her career and her family.
4. Make a comment / comments : Would anyone like to make any comments on the talk?
5. Make a contribution to : She made a useful contribution to the discussion.
6. Make a decision : I’m glad it is you who has to make the decision, not me.
7. Make an effort : Joe is really making an effort with his math this term.
8. Make an excuse: I’m tired to go out tonight. Let’s make an excuse and stay at home.
9. Make friends: Karen is very good at making friends.
10. Make an improvement: repainting the room has really made an improvement.
11. Make a mistake: They’ve made a mistake in our bill.
12. Make a phone call: I’ve got to make some phone calls before dinner.
13. Make progress: Harriet is making progress with all her schoolwork.

(McCarthy and O’Dell. 2007. English Colocation in Use. CUP)



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