Contoh Listening TOEFL Part B

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal TOEFL Listening Part B. (Karena ukuran file yang besar, percakapan disajikan dalam bentuk transcript).

Questions 35 through 38 are based on the following conversation.
Woman: I hear that Paul Schmidt has written a new novel.
Man: Yes, it’s a science fiction piece called Martian Renaissance.
Woman: Sounds intriguing. What’s the plot like?
Man: It deals with a five-man, one-woman crew on a three-year mission to Mars.
Woman: Is their mission successful?
Man: Well, in some respects it is. They have a series of incredible adventures once they land.
Woman: Do they meet any real Martians?
Man: Yes, they are even held captive by them.
Woman: What do the Martians look like? Are they little green men?
Man: You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Question 35: What is the name of Paul Schmidt’s new book?
Question 36: What type of book is it?
Question 37: How long did the mission to Mars take?
Question 38: Which of the following is not mentioned?

Dalam lembar soal, Anda akan mendapati jawaban
(A) The incredible Adventures of the Martians.
(B) Mission to Mars.
(C) Martian Renaissance.
(D) Captivating Tales of Mars.

(A) Science fiction.
(B) Adventure.
(C) Biography.
(D) Documentary.

(A) One year.
(B) Three years.
(C) Five years
(D) seven years.

(A) The crew had some incredible adventures to Mars.
(B) The crew met some real Martians.
(C) The Martians captured the crew.
(D) The ship carried an all-the male crew.



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