TOEFL Listening Exercises

The followings are exercises for TOEFL Listening. Presented by Fakultas Bahasa Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA).

Direction: Listen to the conversation and answer the question by choosing the most appropriate option provided.

Number 1: Listen
(A) He does not know who Susan is.
(B) He is willing to give Susan a ride.
(C) He does not want to give Susan a ride.
(D) He wants to give Susan a ride later.

Number 2: Listen

(A) Her trip will last only a few days.
(B) She departs in several days.
(C) She is leaving in a few hours.
(D) Her trip began a few days ago.

Number 3: Listen

(A) A salesclerk.
(B) An apartment owner.
(C) A shop owner.
(D) A businessman.

Number 4: Listen

(A) She is glad to meet John.
(B) She was going to call John.
(C) She does not enjoy talking with John.
(D) She wasn’t ready to call John.

Number 5: Listen

(A) His paper was on the top of the pile.
(B) He was the leader in class.
(C) He was the smartest in class.
(D) He got the highest result.

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