Jika anda ingin melakukan presentasi dengan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris, anda bisa menggunakan petunjuk berikut:

Langkah 1: Beri salam kepada audience. Misalnya:
– Good morning/ afternoon/ evening. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this wonderful / important meeting / party / moment, dst.
– Hello / Hi everyone. Thank you very much for coming ……

Langkah 2: Sebutkan nama dan posisi anda. Misalnya:
– Let me just start by introducing myself, my name is …….
– I believe some of you have already known me, my name is ……….
– I am in charge of / responsible for ………………. at the company.
– I’m the new Managing producer of …….

Langkah 3: Sebutkan judul / topik presentasi. Misalnya:
– The title / subject / topic of today’s presentation / talk is ……
– Today, I’d like to speak about …..
– What I’d like talk about today is …….

Langkah 4: Sebutkan tujuan / objective dari presentasi anda. Misalnya:
– The objective of this presentation is to present ….
– This talk will act as a springboard for discussion about …..
– The aim today is to give you some background about …..

Langkah 5: Sebutkan outline dari presentasi anda. Misalnya:
– I’ve divided /split my talk into four main parts/ sections. They are …..
– Firstly, I want to do is to give you some background of ….
– Secondly / Thirdly, we will look at / move on to ….
– Then / Next after that / Finally, I will speak about / examine ….

Hal-hal lain:
1) Sebutkan visual yang akan anda pergunakan. Misalnya:
– I will be using the whiteboard to describe ….
– I will be using some pictures and graphs to ….

2) Waktu: informasikan kepada audience berapa lama presentasi anda. Misalnya:
– The presentation will take / last about ….. minutes.
– I will speak for about …. minutes.
– I plan to be brief. About ….. minutes.

3) Beri tahu audience bagaimana cara merespon atau bertanya. Misalnya:
– If you have any question, please feel free to interrupt.
– Please interrupt me as we go along if you have any questions.
– I’d be glad to take any questions at the end of my presentation.

4) Apresiasi audience. Misalnya:
– I know that you have travelled a long way. I’m very grateful that you could come today.
– It’s nice to see so many faces. I look forward to your comments on this.

5) Beri transisi untuk mulai. Misalnya:
– OK, let’s start with the first point which is …..
– Right, we can begin by looking at …..


Presented by Fakultas Bahasa Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA) Semarang.



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